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Assessment Centre

A candidate’s suitability can be better assessed through the use of individual / group exercise simulations which require hands-on responses to real (or very close to) work situations.

An assessment centre is a process whereby participants are engaged in one or several simulation exercises involving particular tasks or skills needed for the role. All assessment centres are supervised by organisational psychologists.

The core-competencies required for a role are determined by the company and are used as a basis for developing the tailored simulation exercises. These exercises are designed to accurately measure competencies through the participants’ behaviours, motivations, and specialised skills and knowledge.

At the conclusion of each assessment centre, detailed individual reports are written by the psychologists to summarise each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, areas of risk when hiring the individual and potential development needs.

Simulation exercises can be completed either in a group or individually. Working in a group includes discussion exercises while individual exercises will typically include a one-on-one exercise such as an interview, fact finding, verbal presentation or analysis exercises.

The different types of simulation exercises may include:

Role plays

A tailor-made simulation in which participants manage a ‘real issue’ or work-related scenario. This could be a discussion with a customer, solving a problem with a colleague or even making a sale.

Group exercises

An exercise designed to simulate a meeting or group discussion whereby participants are either assigned particular roles or not assigned. The discussion typically involves working together to solve a problem or resolve an issue.

Analysis exercises

An exercise designed to assess a participant’s ability to collect and analyse large amounts of data.  The exercise requires them to logically draw conclusions based on the data.

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