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PostingID : 2302

Job Title:   Production Manager (Animal Nutrition)

Job Category: Manufacturing

Job Type

Job Type : Full Time

Job Description

? During the start-up phase being part of the installation process and when producing, being directly involved and responsible for leading production ? Develop structure which enables the production and delivery of feed of consistently satisfactory quality and the requirements of health and safety and environmental legislation/policy to be met at minimum cost ? Plan, organize day-to-day operations and increase production, based on customers’ needs ? Leading and supervising all team- and shift leaders, production team and operators and being responsible for training/selection and performance of all team members ? Responsible for production output, product quality and on-time delivery to customers ? Overall responsibility of the maintenance team, in close collaboration with the Head Mechanic. Responsible for developing and implementation of a preventive maintenance program to avoid failures and to keep equipment and systems running efficiently ? Responsible for keeping the machinery/list up-to-date, including ID number and details of each part and developing a stock-list for all necessary spares ? Work in close contact with Manager Operations & Sales: In order to continuously improve organization and process ? Work in close collaboration with Head of Procurement and Supply. When any changes in supply or source of raw materials will occur, the production manager has to be informed in-time in order to undertake action. ? Develop systems and processes that track and optimize productivity and standards, metrics and performance targets (KPI) to ensure effective return on assets to produce optimal results ? Implement strategies and actions for the accomplishment of the production goals, policies and procedures ? Packaging and Labeling: Responsible for the correct packaging and labeling of the feeds. ? Maintain hygiene- and safety standards and the implementations of all procedures Reporting ? Providing daily, weekly and monthly reports for production, costs, maintenance, waste, stock and orders ? Preparing a daily production plan based on stock and orders. ? Ensures the right feed is available according to the daily sales/dispatch planning ? Expected to give continuous input for improvement of production process, technically as well as in organizational field.

Required Skills / Experience

? Prior experience (+5 years) in supervising people and managing production operations, as well as operating machinery (preferably within a manufacturing environment). ? Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or any related field ? Intensive technical background and knowledge of production mechanics ? Hands-on and proactive attitude that enables you to organise a full production process ? Critical and analytic knowledge on how to optimize the process

Years of Experience : 5 Years   


? Good problem solving skills ? Having a good sense of commitment, leadership and social skills ? Leading by example, motivating and supervising ? Delivering results and meeting customer expectations ? Managing towards output and quality ? Maintain good discipline and high performance ? Firm and determined, to easily take the right decisions and take leadership


Education Level : Bachelors Degree


City: Tema


MinSalary GHc: 0.0000

MaxSalary GHc: 0.0000

Job Posting

Posting Date: May 28 2018 12:00AM

Date Expires : 15/06/2018

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Send Application (CV and Covering Letter) to : engineering@careersinghana.com

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