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Learning and Development

Welcome to Careers In Ghana : Learning and Development. The best talent is focused on advancing their careers — and always looking for ways to sharpen and improve their skills. Retention research indicates that individuals tend to stay longer where they are experiencing personal and professional growth.

Employee career and development plans are an essential part of enhancing the workplace environment. For employees to prosper and grow they need to be motivated and encouraged to reach their full potential. These learning and development opportunities cover many different aspects of development, including, but not limited to, project management, specific product information, leadership development and professional and technical skills enhancement.

Career in Ghana Development Planning identifies competency gaps and helps you formulate appropriate career development goals leading to greater success for your company.

Many organizations face the challenge of developing greater confidence, initiative, solutions-finding, and problem-solving capabilities among their people. Organisations need staff at all levels to be more self-sufficient, resourceful, creative and autonomous. This behaviour enables staff can operate at higher strategic level, which makes their organizations more productive and competitive. People's efforts produce bigger results. It's what all organizations strive to achieve.

However, while conventional skills training gives people new techniques and methods, it won't develop their maturity, belief, or courage, which is so essential for the development of managerial and strategic capabilities.

Again, focus on developing the person, not the skills. Try to see things from the person's (your people's) point of view. Provide learning and experiences that they'd like for their own personal interest, development and fulfilment. Performance and capability are ultimately dependent on people's attitude and emotional maturity. Help them to achieve what they want on a personal level, and this provides a platform for trust, 'emotional contracting' with the organisation, and subsequent skills/process/knowledge development relevant to managing higher responsibilities, roles and teams.