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Practice Makes Perfect: Important Interview Preparation Techniques

A little while back, I conducted an interviewing workshop where I polled the group on how many times had they interviewed and how many times had they practiced interviewing. Out of 16 people, only two had interviewed at all in the previous year – and none of them had practiced.s to consider before your next interview.

1. Wear Something You’re Confident In

First of all, if you never wear a dress, costume, or skirt in your leisure time, you should not start wearing one for an interview. There are also fashionable business clothes from Accra out there if that’s more your style. During an interview, it’s always better to stay true to yourself since you are very excited (and sometimes even insecure).

2. Find The Right Shoes

Feel as comfortable as possible – even if it’s a challenge to find the right shoes for a job interview. They should neither make you nor your legs extremely long, as you want to convince with your skills and not your looks, right? (And twisting your ankle when stepping into the office might not be the most professional look, so just keep it on the down low.)

3. Dress Like Your Future Colleagues

If you don’t know if a business suit and heeled shoes will be the right choice, sit down in a nearby café a couple of days before your interview and take a look at your (hopefully) future colleagues – what are they wearing? Is there any fashion trap you might step into with your choice so far?

4. Don’t Wear Too Much Makeup

When it comes to makeup and accessories, you should use as much as necessary but as little as possible – everything distracting the interviewer from your personality and skills might end in some attempts to flirt, but surely not in a serious conversation or labor contract afterwards.

Of course – nobody should ever take a wedding ring off and if you have skin problems because of pimples, you will surely feel better using some light concealer. But there is no need for smokey eyes and pink lip gloss, so just underline your natural beauty a bit without exaggerating the usage of your vanity case.

So, good luck for the next interview – keep in mind to stay true to yourself and you will not have to blame yourself afterwards if it goes wrong, because then the company did a mistake!