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Job Details

PostingID : 2110

Job Title:   Non-fiction Writer

Job Category: Advertising

Job Type

Job Type : Full Time

Job Description

CyprusUni and her partner companies wish to build a new team of non-fiction writers. This new team must be based in Accra, Ghana. Hence, only writers residing in Accra Ghana will be considered for the new team. Job Description: 90% of all new employees in our group of companies start from this level. This is because, the various writing teams and support teams are the core of our companies; hence any employee who has once worked in these teams better understands our industries, companies, and customers. As a result, these employees are likely to do better jobs in other departments and higher levels of the firm. You’ll love this role if you get your kicks by helping and teaching others through writing. This job is also for you if you enjoy researching and writing to teach others what you found out. We’re looking for someone who loves learning, reading, writing, solving problems and creating long-term relationships with customers and fellow employees. This is a great opportunity if you care deeply, genuinely and passionately about researching, leading, directing, helping and leading others through writing. Apply to be a part of a new team of non-fiction writers being built by CyprusUni and her partner companies. To apply and for more details about this exciting offer: https://cyprusuni.com/job-offer/

Required Skills / Experience

No job experience needed. To apply and for more details about this exciting offer: https://cyprusuni.com/job-offer/

Years of Experience : 0 years   


We want someone who exhibits such features: – Know stress management techniques for themselves – Building a collaborative competitive workplace – Recognizing both teamwork and individual efforts – Channel interpersonal energy – Good instincts and trust them – Excellent verbal and written communication skills – Ability to solve problems logically and critically – Demonstrate effective time management and organizational skills


Education Level : HND


City: Ashaley Botwe, Accra, Ghana


MinSalary GHc: 0.0000

MaxSalary GHc: 0.0000

Job Posting

Posting Date: Jun 17 2017 12:00AM

Date Expires : 26th June, 2017

How to Apply

Contact Person / Email / Address:

Send Application (CV and Covering Letter) to : CyprusUni, info@cyprusuni.com, Ashaley Botwe

Apply Using : https://cyprusuni.com/job-offer/

Please Note : employers will only shortlist the most qualified candidates for their posting.